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Me. Hi. I am Katie. I am a tattooed weirdo running around Austin Texas snapping photos of amazing people. I started this whole journey a long time ago, but finally took the leap in pursuing it as my career 2 years ago. It has been an wonderful process and I have met so many great people. 

Style. I tend to call myself a "natural" light photographer, mostly because I just love working with the raw environment around me. But do not let that fool you, I am proficient in all types of lighting scenarios.

Shoot. The way I like to shoot is by creating an adventure for every shoot. I like to pick a starting point based off of the initial meeting with a person. That is why always insist on a quick coffee chat. Then from there we let the world inspire us. 


Who is The KOCO?

If you're thinking...hmmm I wonder what that stands for. Well let me tell you. It started out as a my signature on all of my paintings in Art School. I did not like having a super long signature distracting people from the art. So "KOCO" was formed from the first letter of my first name and the first three letters of my last name. Let me show you, Katie OConnell. 

I have a very intense love affair with coffee. I literally could not live my life without it. In fact some may call me a coffee snob. I love discovering new places, I always make it a point to know my city VERY well. I will go on drives just to get lost. I love meeting other free spirits who enjoy life to the fullest and try not to over analyze. Just let it be.


cinematic vision.

Now why hire The KOCO?

I do more than just snap a couple of photographs of you. I love to create an experience that is fun and unexpected. The way my shoots typically go are very free flowing and not restrictive. It all depends on you. YOU are my inspiration. I promise you WILL have a blasty blast with me. 


Expect to laugh a lot, mostly at me being a weirdo.


Specialized location based on your needs.


Unique artistic vision for final images. 


Lasting memories.