New Intentions

Butterflies, Photo Adventure 2017

Butterflies, Photo Adventure 2017

I want to start out this by saying I do not believe in resolutions or the need to "new year, new me" I love myself, faults and all. With that being said there is always room to improve myself and this year I would like to start by publicly posting my Personal Goals for the Year.

I read an article recently by a writer who did this last year and found it very useful for accountability. SO here it goes....

1. Worry Less - I know very vague, but a good intention to start.

2. Be Social - IRL - Time to keep building my personal friendships no excuses.

3. Learn a new skill - Preferably something not related to my job.

4. Find Stability - This sounds like a huge one and could be setting myself up for failure but I will strive to reach it. 

5. Follow a Budget - Never been good at keeping track of my money, time to save. 

Phew, okay. Thanks for helping me hold myself accountable y'all. Feel free to check in throughout the year and see how I am doing on them. You can do so my Joining my mailing list for all the going on's with The KOCO.

Love you. 

Katie O'Connell