Real estate services


The Standard     

This package comes with HDR range images for the MLS. 

A. 2000 SQ FT - 20-25 JPEG 72 dpi images, HDR,  $100

B. 2500-3500 SQ FT - 30-40 JPEG 72 dpi MLS images, HDR. $85

C.3500-6000 SQ FT - 25 images, 2 locations within walking distance, 2 outfits. This package should give options for multiple accounts. $100

24 hour delivery + $20.00


The Twilight 

This package is for those who mean business and are a able to customize the time based on how much content you want from one session.

It is an hourly rate (2 hr minimum) Will allow for multiple locations within a 5 mile radius of each other and multiple outfit changes. This should allow for enough content for 2-3 months of posts.* $100/hr


So You Wanna be a Trendsetter?   

This package is for those of you that don't want to fuck around and want to have content for 4-6 months of posting.

It would be a full session of 3 hours with 5-10 outfit changes, multiple locations or one setting ( for brand consistency ) and at least 60-100 images. This package can always be customized to fit your needs. Lets make some magic!